360° Precision Watering Pad

The drought-friendly pad makes every drop count.

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Root Zone Targeting Technology

RootWise is a watering pad that wraps around the base of your plant providing even distribution of water over the entire root zone for optimal growth and health.


1-2-3 Set-Up

All-in-one, ready-to-water. Simply connect to any existing drip system supply line.

1. Set

Place the pad around the base of the plant you want to water.

2. Connect

Connect to any existing drip system supply line.

3. Water

Water is delivered to the entire root zone to help your plant thrive.

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See how to add RootWise to your existing drip
system or convert your pop-up to drip.

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Are you installing RootWise to an existing drip system?
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Installing with a hose bibb?
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Select by Plant Size and Gallons Per Hour

Coming Soon
11 in.
Fits 1-gallon pots
2 Gallons per hour
Available Now
16 in.
Fits 5-gallon pots
4 Gallons per hour
Coming Soon
22 in.
Fits 10-gallon pots
5 Gallons per hour

Durable and Smart

The long-lasting UV protected pad is designed to wrap around the base of your plant, providing water to the root zone, precisely where it’s needed.

Pre-Assembled 1/4" Tubing

Each mat has 41" of tubing to easily reach plants from your drip supply tubing.

Lays Flat and Blends Into Landscaping

Cover with mulch, stone or dirt


“As an arborist who specializes in plant health care, the most common issues I encounter in the landscape are underperforming plants due to improper watering, and plant failure from disease as a result of poor watering practices. RootWise provides good, even water distribution with a reduced risk of destructive disease infections.”

- Master Arborist – Pasadena, CA

“RootWise is the solution designers have been asking for – excellent water coverage, easily installed and discreet. Mulch, gravel or soil can cover the system and not cause a design headache. Thank you RootWise.”

- Landscape Designer – Pasadena, CA

“RootWise is the best sprinkler I have ever used. I work in my home garden every day, and it is so easy to install. And, it works so well. My garden, vegetables, and fruit trees have never looked so good. That's because it puts the water where it belongs at the root ball of the plant. I give RootWise 5 out of 5 stars!”

- Homeowner – Calabasas, CA

“As a homeowner and landlord of many apartments, RootWise has been a game changer! I can say without hesitation that my landscape has never looked better. RootWise lays flat right around the plant so I have had nothing to repair and there has been no vandalism. My water bills have been reduced because there is no mist, no run-off, no wasted water, and no evaporation. ”

- Commercial Property Owner, Agoura Hills, CA

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