5/8 in. Supply Tubing, Black Polyethylene, 2 ft.


An economical way to make repairs to your drip system without replacing the entire tubing run is with this 2 ft. long supply tubing. Fix, adjust, or make changes to the line by cutting a piece to size; install with 5/8 in. compression couplings, sold separately. 5/8 in. supply tubing has an outside diameter (OD) of 0.700 in., internal diameter (ID) of 0.600 in. While other manufacturers use blended recycled material for their tubing, Raindrip poly tubing is constructed with an innovative layering method, using 100% virgin content for both inner and outer layers for a more durable product, and a middle layer of recycled content.

Economical way to fix damage to 5/8 in. tubing
Cut to size and install with 5/8 in. compression couplings
Easy to replace tubing with holes, kinks, and other damage