5/8 in. Supply Tubing, Black Polyethylene, 100 ft.


Build your drip system with durable tubing to transport water to your plants. 5/8 in. distribution tubing works as a main line to deliver water to an emitter or a feeder line; or punch emitters into side of tubing to distribute moisture along the line. The 5/8 in. supply tubing has an outside diameter (OD) of 0.700 in., internal diameter (ID) of 0.600 in. While other manufacturers use blended recycled material for their entire tubing, Raindrip poly tubing is constructed with an innovative layering method, using 100% virgin content for both inner and outer layers for a durability, and a middle layer of recycled content.

Transport water in your drip irrigation system
Use as a supply line connected to emitters and/or feeder lines
Deliver water along the line with punched-in emitters