12 in. Riser with 1/4 in. Barbed Inlet, 10-Pack


Elevate the emitter in your drip system using the 12 in. Riser with 1/4 in. Barbed Inlet. Fits a low-flow sprinkler, sprayer, or jet with a 1/4 in. barbed inlet on top of the riser. The riser is recommended to be placed on a 13 in. support stake, and has a barbed inlet which fits 1/4 in. supply tubing. Position riser to help provide convenient overhead watering to your plants. Your hand-watering days are over! The riser is made of polyethylene and the stake is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), both treated with UV inhibitors.

Lifts emitter to provide overhead irrigation to plant
Riser fits barbed sprinkler, sprayer, or jet emitter
Riser has built-in barbed inlet for 1/4 in. supply tubing