Frequently Asked Questions: 
Raindrip Timers

Raindrip R672

Set Frequency (hours in-between watering). Set Run Time (length of watering in minutes). Make program dial setting at the hour of the day (5am, 6am, 7am, etc.) you want watering to start. Watering will begin X hours later; where X is the Frequency hours.

Watering will begin in X hours after making program dial settings; where X is the Frequency hours. EXAMPLE: If you finished making dial settings at 5:00 am, and Frequency is 12, then watering will start 12 hours later (5pm). If Frequency is 24, then watering will start 24 hours later (5am the following day).

A date and time setting is not needed for this timer. See item 1) above – How do I program the timer?

Watering frequency will affect battery life. Battery replacement is recommended once every season (approximately 3-4 months) or promptly when the low battery indicator is on.

The severity of the environment will affect the life of the timer. Proper maintenance and storage will prolong the life of the timer. Prior to cold weather and freezing conditions, remove timer from the faucet, drain out any remaining water, and store the timer indoors. Remove batteries from the timer during storage to avoid battery acid leaks and corrosion damage.

Turn the Run Time dial to “ON”, then back to “OFF” when done. Set the Run Time dial to the desired setting after manual watering is complete.

The timer has hose thread for both the inlet and outlet connection.

The batteries should be replaced promptly when the low battery indicator is on. This will avoid a timer malfunction due to weak or dead batteries.

The recommended installation is to attach the timer directly to an outdoor faucet.

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Locate the battery compartment on the back of the timer. Pull up on the battery tray tabs. After placing (2) AA batteries in the battery tray, slide the tray into the timer. The tray will only fit into the timer one way. Firmly push down on the battery tray to ensure it is fully inserted into the timer.

It is recommended that (2) new alkaline or lithium ion AA batteries (1.5 volt rating) be used at the beginning of each season. Do not use rechargeable batteries because they do not meet the voltage requirements.

Lab testing of the timer showed that the batteries in the timer lasted in excess of 30,000 on/off cycles. However, we recommend that new batteries be installed at the beginning of each watering season.

The day and time are not set on this timer. The timer must be set at the time of day that the watering is to begin. If you want the watering to begin at 7:00 am, then the timer must be programmed at 7:00 am. Before you begin programming, set all dials to either the RESET or OFF position. To set the start time, turn the FREQUENCY dial to the desired setting at the time of day watering is to begin. The frequency is how often you want the water to come on. Setting the dial to “1” means that the water will come on every hour (24 starts per day). Setting the dial to “48” means that the water will come on every 48 hours (every other day). After setting the FREQUENCY dial, turn the RUN TIME dial to the desired setting. Run time is how long the water will run for, in minutes. Note: The Frequency must be a longer duration than the run time.

See the table below to see how many starts per day and when the watering will start:  


# of starts per day 

Watering will start

2 Hours


2 hours later

6 Hours


6 hours later

12 hours


12 hours later


1 watering cycle per week

1 week later

The frequency or run time can be changed at any time by simply rotating the dial to the new position.

No. Changes made to the frequency or run time will not change the start time. The dials can pass over the off and reset without affecting the start time. Changes are not made to the programming until AFTER the confirmation flash by the LED lights on the timer (about 2 seconds after stopping on the desired setting).

Set the FREQUENCY dial to the RESET position. The LED light will blink confirming the change. Follow the steps in question 4 to set the timer at the new desired start time.

The manual watering cycle is used to water your plants between automatic watering cycles. Before running a manual water cycle, the top dial must be set to the RESET position. After the confirmation flash of the light, the dial can be set to the desired run length. If the dial is already on RESET, rotate the dial to the desired run length. The manual watering durations range from 3 to 90 minutes. After the manual watering cycle completes the timer will return to automatic mode. You do not need to return the dial to the RESET position.