Save Water by Converting Lawn Sprinklers to Drip Irrigation

18th Jul 2023
Efficiently watering flowers with drip irrigation

The demand for efficient irrigation solutions is on the rise, fueled by factors such as water shortages and drought conditions. One method that’s taking the lead and steadily growing in popularity is drip irrigation.

A drip irrigation system can help reduce water usage by up to 70% compared to conventional sprinkler irrigation. You’ll spend less on water, which means more money back in your pocket.

If you already have an existing pop-up sprinkler system, converting it into a drip irrigation system is easier than you think. Raindrip® Universal Spray-to-Drip Conversion Kits (RS2DC) can replace all major manufacturers’ spray heads. The conversion kits can be installed in just a few minutes, and are designed to sit optimally at grade level—unlike some competitor products that jut up to three inches above grade posing a safety hazard, not to mention an eyesore. The end result is an aesthetically pleasing landscape that allows for more flexibility in selecting the location of the water source for a drip system.


The Raindrip Universal Spray-to-Drip Conversion Kit consists of a filter regulator, two Smart Loc™ universal swivel adapters, and a hose thread end cap. To install, simply replace the existing spray head with the filter regulator and attached outlets, then connect the tubing or dripline to the adapter outlets. If an outlet is not needed, seal it with the end cap. It’s that easy.

Spray to drip beforeSpray to drip step 1Spray to drip 3Spray to drip converted with tubing attached

About Raindrip

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